Avalon Rental Agreement

18.3 If you are a business customer who has the right to leave our vehicle to a third party customer, we may exercise Step-In`s right to negotiate directly with your customers on our vehicles in the event of a persistent material omission of the terms of this Agreement. The tenant reimburses us for the costs and charges that we incur as a result of exercising our rights as a result of this clause. The exercise of its rights under this clause does not constitute a waiver by us of our rights (including our rights to terminate this agreement) before or after the step-in date. The tenant will cooperate with us or an agent appointed by us for such a process, including access to software, customer information and service sites, as well as other support and information services requested by us or our representatives. Rental requirements: the criteria set out in this Agreement. (k) to have the vehicle worked without our prior written consent or to have someone else work on the vehicle; (i) immediately pay all amounts that are due, whether during and upon termination of the contract, including all amounts relating to the rental period, but which are subsequently communicated (for example. B traffic offences or damages) and agree to pay additional costs and interest that result in late payment in the event of a delay. (a) take the vehicle outside of England, Scotland or Wales, without our prior written consent. Please note that if we accept the use of the vehicle outside these areas, additional charges are incurred; 9.5 We have the right to inspect the vehicle and request and validate the mileage data at any time during the rental and ask you to return the vehicle at your own expense. Corporate Client: means a company, a company, a partnership, a limited liability company, an individual entrepreneur or a limited liability company that has a business lease agreement with us. . .


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