Canada-Yukon Early Learning And Child Care Agreement

“The COVID 19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of child care for the well-being of our families. This agreement with the Canadian government will help us meet Yukon`s unique needs and benefit our economy. I am proud of our ongoing work with families, First Nations governments, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and early childhood educators to provide Yukon children with the best possible care and education. -Yukon Minister of Social Services and Health, Pauline Frost Single Funding ($300 per space used) is made available for licensed child care programs to purchase cultural and developmental equipment, including toys and equipment to achieve this. improve the quality and inclusion of child care in yukon. Currently, many YUKON ELCC centres do not have early childhood resources that are culturally relevant and adequately support children`s development. This initiative will provide these centres with the necessary resources, such as books and music in Aboriginal languages, development-friendly toys and other early learning resources. This one-time funding will be used for all licensed child care services in the Yukon. Funding will be allocated to an annual professional development event to provide BDUs across Yukon with the opportunity to share best practices, access training and training opportunities, and obtain information to train their colleagues. This is an affordable training option for the EEG, particularly for those working in rural areas, who may not have access to training or continuing education, and it directly supports improving the quality of ELCC programming. The training is made available to all CEEs in licensed programs, with the hope that as many educators as possible will participate.

The result of this initiative is an increased number of people who visit and exploit this opportunity for professional development, which improves the quality of child care services they have offered. 8.3 If a dispute is not resolved by designated officials, the dispute is disputed with the Assistant Ministers of Canada and Yukon responsible for education and child care and, if they cannot be resolved by them, the federal minister and the Minister of Yukon will try to resolve the dispute.

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