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In addition, your employer must indicate whether you remain an employee of the U.S. company during your activity in Germany or if you will become employees of the U.S. company`s subsidiary in Germany. If you become a related company, your employer must indicate whether the U.S. company has entered into an agreement with the Internal Revenue Service pursuant to Section 3121 (l) of the Internal Revenue Code to pay U.S. Social Security taxes for U.S. citizens and residents employed by the subsidiary and, if so, the effective date of the agreement. Your employer can also a U.S. coverage certificate for you via the Internet via a special online application form. The Data Protection Act requires us to inform you that we are entitled to collect this information until Section 233 of the Social Security Act. Although it is not mandatory for you to provide the information to the Social Security Administration (SSA), a coverage certificate can only be issued if an application has been received.

The information is necessary to enable the SSA to determine whether, in accordance with an international agreement, the work should only be covered by the U.S. social security system. Without the certificate, work can be taxed in both the United States and foreign social security schemes. Insurance of agreements is necessary in the event of a dispute over whether a particular injury is covered or not. Both the insurance company and the policyholder should be able to determine whether damage is covered from the insurance policy. Although the insurance of the agreements is aimed at resolving these problems, differences of opinion remain on the terms of the insurance agreement. This often results in disputes in which each party presents competing interpretations of the insurance agreement. If you have credits in both the United States and Germany, you may be eligible for benefits from one or both countries. If you meet all the essential requirements under a country`s system, you will benefit regularly from that country. If you don`t meet the basic requirements, the agreement can help you qualify for a performance, as explained below. Copies of coverage certificates issued by the United States are made available to the worker and the employer. It is their responsibility to present the certificate to the German authorities upon request.

To avoid any difficulties, your employer (or you if you are self-employed) should apply for a certificate as soon as possible, preferably before starting your work in the other country. Wage-female benefits paid at age 60 with coverage of 15 years and more than 10 years of covered work after the age of 40. If you are entitled to social security benefits from the United States and Germany and do not need the agreement to receive one of the two benefits, the amount of your benefit in the United States may be reduced. This is the result of a provision of U.S. law that can influence how your benefit is determined if you also receive a work-based pension that was not covered by U.S. Social Security. For more information, visit the Windfall Elimination Commission (publication 05-10045). If you are outside the United States, you can write to us in the “More Information” section. Although the agreement between the United States and Germany allows the Social Security Administration to count your German loans to help you qualify for the United States.

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