Host Community Agreement

The company or any “controller” of the enterprise, as defined in 935 CMR 500.02, is required to provide the city with a communication and a copy of all other Community hosting agreements entered into for an establishment in which the enterprise or a controller has an interest in the enterprise and which is authorized by the CCC as the same type of establishment as the entity regulated by this agreement. The Economic Aid Coordination Council approved the EDIP/TIF application on 13.12.16. The TIF agreement started on 01.07.17. Patriot Beverage, LLC, 3 and 20 Harvard Road EDIP TIF Unless it is a common place, a minimum distance of 2,000 feet, measured between the lines of the Lot, is required between recreational-marijuana facilities. (cd) A building permit for a recreational marijuana facility can only be issued when the applicant has entered into a host community agreement with the city in accordance with mgl c.94G, §3 (d). Paragraph C. US$65,000 donated by the developer for the Russell Street sidewalk, its sidewalk project. MassWorks project completed, Town ahead of developer a refund of $22,430.37 on a construction donation of over $1 million. Selectmen voted on 4/10/17 in favor of amending MOA to increase the amount of $65,000 on “Complete Streets Improvements” with reimbursement and developer payment of $42,569.63 final. HCA provides for the donation of existing housing to the city for affordable housing or other public purposes; can be moved or demolished. Julie Barry and William Burke are partners with Prince Lobel Tye, LLP, and members of the firm`s litigation department and cannabis group. For more information, contact Julie at 617-456-8090 or email or Bill at 617-456-8025 or email clause 20.

If the company begins growing marijuana for purposes beyond the purposes expressly authorized by DPH at the time of the agreement, the company will pay an additional $10,000 per year to the city in two tranches spaced six months apart. MassWorks Route 119 (Great Road) / I-495 Interchange Traffic Mitigation Project Clause 2. The company pays $50,000 in the first and second years of operation; $75,000 for the third and fourth years; $100,000 in 5 and subsequent years….

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