Three Year Contract Agreement

Changes in the significant terms of an employment contract that could degrade the worker`s position in relation to the terms of a collective agreement cannot come into force. Overtime must not exceed four hours on two days and 120 hours per year for each employee. The employer is responsible for issuing a benefit book and a state pension insurance certificate to the worker who enters into an employment contract for the first time. The rights and commitments of an organization leader in labour relations are defined in this code, laws and other laws, the statutes of the organization, employment contracts. With the agreement of a parent (guardian, trustee) and an organizing organization, an employment contract may be entered into with a student who has reached the age of 14 for light work that must not be harmful to health and must not be harmful to the study process with a student who has reached the age of 14. Workers who have a two-month employment contract are given two days of leave or a two-day-a-month bill. Individual conflict is a sum of unresolved differences between the employer and the worker on issues relating to the application of laws and other legislative acts that contain labour laws, as well as the application of collective agreements, contracts or employment contracts (including those relating to the fixing or modification of individual working conditions) , whose right is submitted to the body responsible for handling individual disputes. If the reasoned opinion of the electoral union body does not approve the draft regulation or contains suggestions for improvement, the employer can either give its consent or consult with the electoral trade union body in order to reach a decision acceptable to both parties no later than three days after receiving the reasoned opinion. Article 17. Work relations created on the basis of an employment contract following a choice (appointment) to a position To investigate a production accident within its organization, the employer immediately creates a commission composed of at least three people. The Commission includes an expert in occupational health and safety or a person responsible for managing work on the orders of the employer, representatives of employers, representatives of the union body of other representative bodies mandated by the workers and the person responsible for the protection of the labour. The Commission is headed by the employer or its agent. The person responsible for the safety of work in the area or facility where the accident occurred is not a member of the Commission.

The length of working time for students in educational institutions under the age of 18 who work without study during the academic year may not exceed half of the standards set in the first part of this article.

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